Hans Jensen Lubricators Systems

Hans Jensen Lubricators Systems

Our Company is a partner of the manufacturer of innovative cylinder lubrication systems for two-stroke diesel engines. The patented Hans Jensen cylinder lubrication system makes it possible to reduce the consumption of cylinder oil almost twice, and also to reduce the wear of the cylinder sleeve several times. Thus, the use of cylinder lubrication systems Hans Jensen can significantly reduce the cost of operating and repairing the main marine engine.

Hans Jensen Lubricators a/s has developed an electronically controlled (hydraulically driven) lubricator, for cylinder lubrication of 2-stroke diesel engines. hJ Lubtronic ensures:

  • Optimised feed rate
  • Injection with every engine revolution
  • Flexible feed rate
  • Load regulation (especially for engines without cam shaft)
  • Easy operation
  • Flexible timing
  • Enhanced safety

HJ Lubtronic is equally suitable for both mechanically and electronically controlled engines, and is characterised by:

  • Full electronic control with application of MeP, BhP or user defined algorithms
  • Logging of data
  • Stepless adjustment of stroke length
  • Redundancy of key functions on all operation levels
  • Injection with every piston stroke
  • Can be installed on Mhi, sulzer and Man engines

HJ Lubtronic operates with a variable stroke length, and supplies fresh lube oil with every engine revolution, which is an important feature in general, but particularly crucial when slow steaming – which is used more and more in shipping today.