Cast Iron start work on Russian Market

Cast Iron start work on Russian Market

British company with a century of history "Cast Iron" began work on the Russian market

ENGL CastIronWelding start work on Russian Market

This news is positive not only for ship repair companies, shipowners and owners of onshore engines. The fact is that Cast Iron has recently also been engaged in the restoration of rare parts and antiques cast from cast iron. Although the main focus still remains the restoration of cylinder caps, turbine housings, pumps, engine crankcases.

The difference between the services offered by Cast Iron is that they repair parts with almost any degree of damage. Until recently, cast-iron parts, subjected to strong thermal and mechanical damage were thrown into scrap, it is now possible to restore the part to a new state, while receiving a guarantee with the approval of the Classification Society. At the same time, the cost of repairing the part together with the transportation costs does not exceed 50% of the cost of the new part.

It is also a plus that the time to restore an existing part is much lower than the time to supply a new one from the manufacturer. And there are such engines for which the production of new spare parts and the restoration of existing parts have already been stopped is the only way to continue operation.

BM Technologies Ltd. is the official representative of Cast Iron in Russia

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